and smile….best present you could ever make

marina is. January 21, 2008

dsc_1318.jpgCourious,  OK to have around 🙂 , Pragmatic but Silly most of the times…

In love. with tea , the sea, snowflakes,travelling, food, good books and music…..and life in general.

My freinds call me : Marinutza (si derivatele ei),Nutzi, Marinuca,Titiiii, Alpina, Alpinia, Marinescu..etc….

And I write when/if I have something to say…and to stay in touch with my friends from all over the world…


3 Responses to “marina is.”

  1. Mo Says:

    Marina is.
    .my friend
    .I dont know what u might believe freindship is, but Marina is more than that for sure
    .she lived with me in the same house – her house – for the best year and a half of my life. I used to drink her tea and eat her omlet in the morning
    .we used to and we still dream together, we generate beautiful pictures about what the world can be and we picture ourselves as a piece of the puzzle
    .she smiles a lot and hte world smiles back at her
    .she gives without asking for anything in return
    .she drives the TITImobilul flawlessly and gets pissed off from time to time with her trafic colleagues. then she forgives them cause this is Marina – she forgives and forgets
    .and if u think now u know who marina is, trust me u have no clue

    Love u bebe!

  2. Dey Says:

    Baby, awesome Blog…
    But sad you do not have me in your list 😦

  3. Dey Says:

    Thanks baby…

    You’re awesome…

    Next steps for you?
    And I mean real big steps 😉

    Wanna know…
    Wanna share…


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