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The reverse … October 2, 2009

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Someone once told me that good thoughts chase away the bad feelings…let’s see 🙂

Do your lips up sticky, sparkly & sweet. Then blow kisses. <3 Say thank you. <3 Allow other people to inspire you. <3 Share your bliss. <3 Smile — even if you’re shy, even if you have bad teeth, even if it scares you. <3 Hold someone’s hand. <3 Be honest. <3 Volunteer your time. <3 Love yourself. <3 Do your best. <3 Learn how to balance having respect for other people’s decisions & being true to yourself. <3 Tell people how much you like them. <3 Send unexpected gifts. <3 Talk to strangers. <3 Do favours. <3 Let go. <3 Be generous. <3 Eat whatever you want without guilt. <3 Don’t think about other people’s definitions of success, beauty or happiness. <3 Make your own rules. <3 Write your own guidebook. <3 Count your blessings. <3 Never stop trying to improve. <3 Be your own superhero. <3 Aim higher. <3 Contribute. <3 Create spaces for other people to enjoy. <3 Sleep in. <3 Let other people sleep in, too. <3 Be compassionate. <3 Listen. <3 Give yourself time off. <3 Be enthusiastic. <3 Choose happiness. <3 Create. <3 Follow your passion. <3 Connect. <3 Compliment people. <3 Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself. <3 Surprise yourself. <3 Appreciate the people who support you. <3 Take photos; document everything. <3 Have a plan. <3 Know your patterns. <3 Be in the present. <3 Laugh. <3 Get close. <3 Move through your fear. <3 Challenge yourself. <3 Keep it simple. <3 Turn up the music. <3 Realise your own freedom. <3 Relax. <3 Flirt. <3 Dress up in some small way every day. Even if it’s just a good pair of knickers or a coat of death-defying mascara. <3 Be different. <3 Be genuine. <3 Allow yourself to change & evolve. <3 Dream big. <3 Believe that you can manifest anything. <3 Take responsibility. <3 Treat everyone the same way — from your lover to your mother to your postman. <3 Appreciate your past for having made you the person you are. <3 Talk about how you feel. <3 Dance. <3 Sing. <3 Let go of guilt. <3 Treat your lovers with respect. <3 Admit your flaws. <3 …& come up with a plan to remedy them. <3 Surprise people. <3 Set yourself a really huge goal. <3 Then achieve it & set another one. <3 Kiss. <3 A lot. <3 Remember that trouble doesn’t last. <3 Be still. <3 Look at the stars. <3 Be as ridiculous as you like. <3 Trust that you are loved. <3 Stay curious. <3 Charm people. <3 Give real hugs. <3 Bat your eyelashes. <3 Forget yourself. <3 Reach out. <3 Flatter people. <3 Get drunk on life. <3 Release your expectations of other people. Allow them to be who they are, & appreciate them regardless. <3 Stretch. <3 Listen to your instincts. <3 Make eye contact. <3 Keep your word. <3 Talk about real things. <3 Discover yourself. <3 Speak up. <3 Let life excite you & lead you astray. <3 Delight in every day. <3 Don’t be afraid. <3 Just love.



2 Responses to “The reverse …”

  1. Redy Says:

    Seamana a postare de primavara … banuiesc ca ea e in suflet 🙂

  2. Horia Says:

    Na ca te-am gasit si aici 🙂

    Ce mai faci? 😀

    Cheer up!

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