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Be Better, Not Perfect! August 25, 2009

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ALWAYS things happen for a reason. I might not know what that reason is, but for sure there is one. And for sure lateley I have had meaningful conversations and I’ve let go of many fears. Just because I’ve realised this, but never stated it out loud: I am not perfect. i don;t want to be perfect. I just want to be better. And not better than anyone around me, but better than I’ve benn a couple of days ago.

I got a link today from a friend where I read this sentence, and it stroke me. YES! I want to be better, i am not afraid of making mistakes (allthough I say I am….), I like being challanged, I like playing games…I like learning , and i love improving. For a better me, not the perfect me.

So, be better too! Perfection is just not worth the try 🙂


2 Responses to “Be Better, Not Perfect!”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Sounds like a “perfect” plan to me 🙂

  2. Redy Says:

    “nazuinta unilaterala a neimplinitului catre implinire si ca deci numai fiinta imperfecta iubeste , cea perfecta ramanand impasibila … ”

    Asta asa despre iubire … insa se aplica in toate , viata ar trebui sa insemne sa ne inconjuram de lucruri cu pasiune … soo , works in this direction too 🙂

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