and smile….best present you could ever make

Belonging. December 25, 2008

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 – to a place where it’s warm, where the house is full with liveley animals – a baby dog and two crazy cats

-to a room where lying on the bed I can watch the stars and see the snow falling on the roof-top window

-to a city that smells like cinnamon and Christmas trees and has a lot of special places and cafes and familiar faces when walking on the streets

-to a Bistro where the hot chocolate, tea and gomboti are like mum’s….and where the music and the lights make me feel like home is the best place on Earth

-to a very close place to home where snow falls on my face, where I feel the inevitable urge to open my mouth and eat snow, to where during the week there’s almost noone skiing, but the people that actually live close to the slope

-to a community that strangly and sureley every year gathers for Christmas Eve and enjoys the Christmas Messe in der Schwarzen Kirche in Kronstadt – organ concert and Stille Nacht being sang only on candle light background. Where almost all faces are familiar, from J Honterus highschool….

-to walking on the streets, meeting people I’ve never talked before but knowing them from highschool, skiing slope, the voleyball team, neighbour schools….from the bus no 1 while going and coming back from school every day – and just greeting them with a smile. And receiving a smile back.

-to diving in a chair and re-watching the best movies, having a lot of lights coming from candles, tree decorations and neighbour houses.

-to a circle of people that wherever they might be in the world, they all come back home at this time of year, and it takes around one minute to feel the things that connect you to them again. and start doing the crazy things again. and to the ones that have been constant in my life, ever since we were little kids. and to the very few that have made it into this circle in the past years 🙂

-to myself, and redescovering that all over again….

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year, wherever you are in the world!


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