and smile….best present you could ever make

greatful and impressed November 12, 2008

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Yesterday I’ve received a video. It’s too big to upload here, and somehow too personal to be made public… I just wanted to thank them for the trouble they took to make the video, to gather the pictures, to share thoughts through a camera, and to stay close to me on my special day.

Songs that remind me of them, songs that we’ve sang togehter when we finished highschool, AIESEC, university….songs that I still sing by my own when I go to places we’ve been togehter…

I’ve come to think that friends are the best gift one can have, and can receive ever ever…true friends. The ones that never allow dissapointment ot sorrow to happen, the ones who know how and when to bring a smile on my face, even from far away. Or even because we’re far away.

It’s not only about the video, it’s also about the thoughts, emails, text messages, calls that I’ve received for my birthday…more than any passed year, all these signs of caring have ment a lot to me …. so I thank you for that aswell. The first call at 12.00 o’ clock, all the morning messages, all the late evening calls, the last message…. my friend being with me all day long just because it’s my day… and much more than that.

I’m so greatful that I have such wonderful people around me. …. Multumesc again for everything!


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