and smile….best present you could ever make

About the importance of feeling … July 29, 2008

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….of feeling pretty, that is! 

Have you’ve been told lately that you are beautiful? Have you’ve been lately appreciated for a small gesture you’ve done? If yes, then please do return the “compliment”, pay it forward ….it’s worth it. If not, then you should start saying it at your turn. …it does wonders for the ones around you.  But please, say it if you mean it. Not just for the sake of getting rid of it….or for the sake of obtaining something, anything, after having it said.

In today’s rush we forget to pay attention to people around us. We are ashamed to say what we think, if the thought comes out of our soul.We seldom pay compliments. Even if I think that he’s drop-dead-gorgeous or if he did something important for me….I am ashamed to admit it and say it. I should not…I know it.

Being beautiful comes also from within. What you do, comes back to you, multiplied by some ten times…so please take some time and tell people arpund you they are beautiful. If they really are….

About the importance of feeling pretty I can bet every single girls has her own theory……mine, you can find between the lines above…


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