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a form of nostalgia….. July 14, 2008

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Waking up at 8 am to make sure we’re one of thousands lined up at Champs Elysees…..

Queing at the supermarche for eau and des fruits….and then meeting point in front of ALU on La Boetie 54-56….at 9.00 am sharp.

Watching the parade and listening to thousands speaking their own language…planes flying high in the sky, leaving a red-white-blue trace on the clear sky…..

Going home….cooking for the first time together. Eating, having a chocolate pudding on the balcony and planning the day. Then walking to La Fourche while taking the best ice-cream on earth from Avenue de Saint Ouen 37….taking line 13 to Miromesnil and then line 9 to Pont Iena…and then walking. Barefoot in Paris. Across the Seine and onwards Champs de Mars. Concerts, picnic, loads of people ………all the possible nationalities, razas de mil colores.

Late in the night, fireworks. If I will ever be able to describe in words my feelings and sensations, I will for sure write a novel on that. Impossible. Just breathtaking!!! Then lying on the grass watching the steel lady glow in the night….La Tour Eiffel. Then walking home through a night of flavours and lights…. For what has been one of the most amazing circles of my life so far.

But don’t they all say, if you’ve loved someone, then put thier name in a circle, instead of a heart, because hearts can break, but circles go on forever!

Vive la France today, and all that it has meant to me!


3 Responses to “a form of nostalgia…..”

  1. Ev Says:

    I’ve been celebrating it as well today 🙂 + my Welcome party due to moving in to a new house… 2 of my house mates a French 🙂

    Haven’t been there, but thanks to you can live it through…


  2. Ev Says:

    are French 🙂

  3. marinutza Says:

    really? so now u must learn french :))))

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