and smile….best present you could ever make

you’re gonna have to work for it….. July 1, 2008

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“Patience now, frustration’s in the air
And people who dont care
Well its gonna get you down
And you’ll fall
Yes you will hit a wall
But get back up on your feet
And you’ll be stronger and smarter

And i know ’cause i’ve been there before
Knockin down the doors, won’t take no for an answer
And you’ll see cause if its ment to be
Nothing can compare to deserving your dream……”


2 Responses to “you’re gonna have to work for it…..”

  1. Ev Says:

    Have you seen it?? 🙂 I have the love letter posted on my blog..

    Ever thine
    Ever mine
    Ever ours


  2. marinutza Says:

    YES!!! I have seen it, and i loved it. Let me check out the love letter on your blog 🙂

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