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Lazy summer days…. June 23, 2008

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Elcho says it best…..lazy summer days, a song to enjoy.

First summer spent in Bucharest. Ever since I’ve moved here. By now, usually, I had already taken the not-long way home, to be spending holidays with friends, with family, in conferences, abroad…anywhere but Bucharest!

First summer that I know when I will have some holidays from work….Not a couple of months off from University, for volunteer work. No.

If I wake up one morning and decide I need to take a bath in the sea, or that I’d rather spend the next night on a beach….I need to reconsider. It’s this part of growing-up and becoming responsible that i need to find a way around :)…

In the meantime I have no idea how I will sleep during the hot nights in Bucharest without air conditioning…. I have no clue how I’ll be able to stay sane in this heat….can someone please bring some kind of sea to Bucharest?

And a small memoire of this past weekend!




3 Responses to “Lazy summer days….”

  1. Mada Says:

    Vino la Muenchen ca e mai racoare pe aici si in loc de mare avem lacuri 😛

  2. Rox. Says:

    let your car’s windonws open and listen to a light song. enjoy the sun glasses. enjoy the see-through dresses. enjoy your skirt. enjoy romanian men muscles. enjoy music in the morning. enjoy late night work cause u do something u like. enjoy beer in a can. enjoy cismigiu. enjoy lazy sundays. i am here reading u and think of u:-).

  3. marinutza Says:

    🙂 mada,nu ma mai ademeni :))))
    pox….i shall…

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