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Libertà May 5, 2008

Filed under: ..::Life::.. — marinutza @ 12:41 pm

Do you feel free?

I do….I guess. What do you mean?..Free from what?

I don’t know, just free. Do you feel like flying when you open your eyes?

Hmmm…Never thought about it! Like taking a plane and flying? To some nice beach?

No, like feeling that you want to fly out in the world, in it’s corners, to gather the pieces of your soul that every single person you met took with him/her…

Hmmm….can I think about it for a second?

Sure, take your time….just let me know when you found your answer!!!





2 Responses to “Libertà”

  1. O Says:

    Freedom is not having to miss the place you love.

  2. marinutza Says:

    🙂 that’s a good thought…:)

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