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tu recuerdo… April 30, 2008

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Enjoy as previous to Vama Veche

might sound cheesy, ricky martin on my blog, but just listen to the girl’s voice and read between the lines…( lyrics, whatever 😛 ) 

I am always asking myself why don’t I find it outrageous that everyone loves the seaside. Usually I react against something that is liked/loved by everyone…then that something is not miterious anymore, not secret, hence not special…like Vama Veche. Truth is, almost everyone I know loves the place…  I realised why, daydreaming today 🙂 because everyone has their secrets and moments related to this place. Evereyone has discovered at least someone they fell in love with, have nice memories of small gestures, like “aaa, that’s my bench in front of the sea, that’s my chair I used to sit on with my love, that’s God knows what….”, have found themselves at least once sleeping on the sand, or staring at the wide open horizon of the sea, feeling an imense freedom or courage. … I know I did. 

I have my bench, my memories, my Vama song, I have my secret place, and I am sooo looking forward to finding the freedom feeling again, staring at the sea….and I am just one day away from it. From breathing deeply the salty smell of the Black Sea, and hopefully watching the first sunrise in Vama Veche.



5 Responses to “tu recuerdo…”

  1. Dee Says:

    Ne vedem acolo 🙂

  2. marinutza Says:

    serios? foarte dragutz. de abia astept. ne gasim pe plaja pe undeva 🙂 pup si eu!

  3. Ev Says:

    “We are sorry, the video is no longer available….”

    I am sorry too 😦

  4. Rox. Says:

    I really like the song, too. Ricky Matin and Mari from Chambao [pretty cool band;)]..

  5. marinutza Says:

    hmm…strange. sorry u can’t watch it, but maybe u have time to search it with youtube, it’s really nice.

    i-am spus vamei ca iti e dor de ea pox!

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