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I used to! April 23, 2008

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Dream big! Play and be childish! Belive in the beauty of my youth! Be involved! No, not involved, commited! Dream with my eyes wide open! Wake up in the morning and decide I wanna stay in bed all day long.

I used to live the simplicity of things, to love pure feelings of care, sorrow, pitty or of love. Just like that. Now it seems that some of them got lost. Now it seems that the communication stops at superficial levels. How was this and that? Why? How come? No one, or at least few stop and ask “how do you feel? how do you REALLY feel?”  It’s not a cry for attention, not even close, …it’s just an observation I made recently. Superficial relationships bother me . They are useful, true! They expand the circle of influence, but please, pretty please, make sure you have someone to ask “how do YOU really feel? Do you feel something? What is that? How do you explain it?”

No, I am not the biggest fan of sharing, I love to listen, but when it comes to my really deep feelings and thoughts, I’d rather think twice before crying them out to the world. But still, it does good to have a last call of the day, take a moment and re-think the day.And try to talk about it. 

I used to do that. I don’t anymore. I’d do, though….let’s see!


2 Responses to “I used to!”

  1. beb Says:

    draga mea marinutza…e ciudat sa iti citesc blogul azi…aseara si de cateva zile incerc sa te sun si degeaba…imi e dor de tine, imi e dor sa vorbim si vreau sa ne auzim…si da nu sunt fizic langa tine dar vreau sa stiu cum esti si cum iti merge-in adevaratul sens al cuvantului…sa stam la o poveste asa cum numai noi stim…sa sarim din una in alta si sa ne bucuram ca ne avem…hai zi cum facem?puuup

  2. Mada Says:

    Poate ca nu mai esti asa accesibila cum obisnuiai sa fii…un nou job poate sa-ti absoarba foarte multa energie. Si in plus faptul ca prietenii sunt raspansiti peste tot in lume nu ajuta prea mult.
    Cred ca timpul “Friends” in care toti locuim in acelasi cartier a trecut 🙂

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