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Thoughts. April 2, 2008

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How do you slow down to enjoy life without being lazy? Without becoming lazy? How do you get by when someone dies? Someone your age? How do you manage to pull yourself together to dream big and face the world every morning you get out of the house? How, when you are faced with the fact that the next second you might not be here anymore? How can you not be selfish and want your dear people to be around you all the time? Why and who invented the questions? Why can we not just live normally,and not question our living?

Just take life’s little moments, thoughts, feelings, happenings…Is this something that most people do? Question them, or just take them as they come along?

How can someone live every single moment as if it were the last? What smartass invented this saying? I bet one that belives in wishful thinking or that just realised he’d better had lived differently… Ideally this would work, but just take a moment, think about all the things you still have to sort out with yourself, with people, with life…can you say that at this right moment dear people know how much you love them?Are all the thoughts that go through your head said out loud? Because at the end of the day, what good does it do to people around you if they don’t know?


One Response to “Thoughts.”

  1. Rox. Says:

    This post reminds me of Zorba the Greek.
    It’s strange to pull out the words and actually say something wise to confort you…But I encourage living – and loving – life the way you do.

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