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Debating. March 24, 2008

Filed under: Job — marinutza @ 4:36 pm

First projects, some small inisght into what my job will be. I start liking it more and more. A hotel somewhere on a mountain top, Cota 1400, Sinaia. Snow, and sun at the same time. Loads of people, young, old, all gathered here because someone in their company has decided to enable them to learn some more. Some more than their job allows them…some more, so they can become better professionals, and why not, better people.

But…out of the whole crazyness and huge ocean of thoughts, I stare out the window repeating :debate, debate. I’ve seen today how you can learn to debate. You have a case, you define the status quo, you identify the problem, the cause and the solution. Next to that, you define efects. You are not allowed to say “I don’t know”, ” I give up”, “I rest my case”…no. You stick there to your point…and try to find arguments for your ideas, for your thoughts and feelings. Shutting up is not an option. Definatly!!! Never ever! Now now…..I don’t say you have to be stubborn, if you do not have anymore points to sustain, if the other one debating the problem has pertinent statements, them you have to think twice about your idea. But, buttom line, never ever shut up if you have something to say.

Which brings me back to a very intersting movie, The Great Debaters! Worth watching.


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