and smile….best present you could ever make

I’ve learned. March 10, 2008

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…and keep learning every single time the sun goes up again. I’ve learned that:

-i love to have my morning coffee on a terrace under the sunday morning sun

– in my life, I can chose to either miss and be sad, or to miss and be thankful. I chose to miss and be thankful.

-I always have to listen to what my feelings tell me. Even if this means being in a roller-coaster of feelings every single day. Because at the end of the day, only the good feelings crawl togehter with me to bed

– I have the right not to be perfect. I am not perfect, far from perfection even, but this is what makes me  the way I am.

– I can,want and will make special things and gestures for special people. I am to addicted to the feeling of happiness

-I can’t skip steps, in my new job, even if I want to know it all….because at the end of the day, the journey matters,not the destination

-and most of all, I’m learning every single day that having friends matter the most. Real friends, the ones that you sit down and talk to, after coming back home at 4 am in the morning, and still take time to listen to each others crap. Because that crap is important to me. Weather it’s mine or not.

-dreaming is the best way to reach success. Just try it!!!


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