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How much is too much? February 4, 2008

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I started some time ago reading “A year in the merde” -Stephen Clarke…. an engleesh man in Parrris, and (h)is one-yeeear experionce dans la France Republique 🙂   And it’s unbelivably hilarious.  Just imagine reading a book and understanding exactly what the guy is going through, how he is discovering the rules-based way of French living, but not the rules one is used to, just rules like : aimer sans restrictions, laissez faire, faire la greve, rever at aimer de nouveau…..   So if you have the chance to live in France, to have lived there, or maye to work with French people, just take a moment, read the book and start understanding them a bit better.  Now I also get why Katja was laughing like crazy while reading the book,…it’s the same that I do, in the metro, in bed, on the chair, wherever I am while reading the book.

Just try to understand this : <” Ah’m ed of hah tee”,he said. “Ed of hah tee,”I repeated approvingly, wondering what the hell this was. Something to do with tea,anyway. Relevant.  “Yah. Compoodah sis-temm.” “Oh, IT'” I said. He glowered at me, “your English is excelent” I added quickly. ” Ah’ve done a yee-uh uv post-grad at Jo-ja State, then Ah’ve worked fahv yee-uhs inna inshance firm in Atlanna. In da hah tee departmon, a coss” , ” A coss” I agreed..>…..

I find it soooo fuuuunny, given the fact I did have this kind of conversations almost every day in the past year. How in God’s name can you have a sad day beeing surrounded by this? I miss smiling every time someone tried to say “ello cherie, ow is you day?” :)))

Une belle journee a vous! And for some french live every day, just click


4 Responses to “How much is too much?”

  1. Mada Says:

    Eu cred ca tu inca nu esti pregatita pentru reintoarcerea pe plaiuri mioritice. De fiecare data cand citesc vreun post sau vreun mesaj de la tine se simte un dor de duca mare mare!

    Te pup,

  2. marinutza Says:

    😉 zici tu? eu incerc sa ma conving ca sunt pregatita…dar simt un dor de duca 🙂 dar de data asta e unul de duca scurta, asha, un weekend, o saptamana, ceva…care sper ca se va materializa luna asta…hmmm…dar imi da de gandit ce mi-ai zis. si eu te pup tare tare

  3. Kate Says:

    Haha! Cool! So you are finally reading it? :):) Nice :):)
    When I was back home I couldn’t stop cracking jokes about “Shupa-Shup”, i-Fi, “let’s go ome to my ouse” and so on :):)

  4. marinutza Says:

    yes sweetie, i almost am finishing the book. am am thinking of u every time i see it, and of our trip to nice and how thanks to you i have the book now. one of the best bbye-presents ever. and it brings back so many nice memories of french people speaking iiingliiish :))) paka-paka

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