and smile….best present you could ever make

postcards…. January 7, 2008

Filed under: Friendship — marinutza @ 8:30 am

I love postcards. I love sending and receiving postcards. They are  a bit more personal than emails, just because I can read the handwriting,…not some -default-fonts

 Throughout the last year, I’ve sent tonns of postales 🙂 from all the places I’ve visited. Some have received them all, some have received only the ones I thought they’d love. And I have received veeeery few. But now, now things starded changing…I went home yesterday, and I thought, oh well, why not opening the mailbox, just for one last time -just for the sake of doing this small gesture that I loved doing some time ago… and guess what? Loads of postcards in my mailbox. Paris, Prague,London,Belgium….. It just made my day. Thanks a lot!!!!

I think I’ll take up my habbit again, and send some from Romania… de alta, dar am gasit unele superbe la Carturesti!!!


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