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plain and simple January 3, 2008

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Allthough a New Year has started, i feel that this time I did not want to put a full stop to anything, and to start “something” brand new all over again….

This year is going to be just as amazing as the last one was…mostly because the main character in the story makes the things happen…if it’s Paris, Brasov, Bucharest, London, Stockholm, Leuven, Novosibirsk, Wien, Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo,who knows, some place else… it really does not matter.

 Paris is there, I am here. The city. But my Paris is here, right here with me. No one can take my lazy Sunday mornings on the balcony with a caffe latte and a Elle magazine, or the long and beautiful daily walks, or losing myself on the Montmartre streets and listening to concerts, or the small sushi place next door, or “the wrong church”, or ……the croissant smell at 7 am,….the butterflies I felt everyday i woke up and felt like screaming out loud que je t’aime!!!the tabac shop, the epicier or the boulanger next door, picnics or just the laverie… c’est magique…et c’est a moi!!!! And I just love to share….so whenever I find myself talking about Paris I am happy. And now I feel that when I start talking about Brasov I feel happy again. And Bucharest…again. Slowly, VERY slow, I feel that I fit in again.

But plain and simple I refuse to be. I am just not simple….and by far not plain. Paris has tought me the meaning of elegance, amour, passion, coqueterie et reverie……J’aime rever! Because magic happens only if you allow yourself to dream.

Have a happy new year, wherever in the world you might be!


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