and smile….best present you could ever make

And this time it will really work….. December 11, 2007

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I’ve tried keeping a blog ever since last year, when I signed up for wordpress…guss what? I didn’t manage…am not especially fond of ‘living’ on  but now I decided to make an extra effort and share some of my impressions, thoughts and happenings with you….not because you are not close to me in my heart, but because the distance does not allow us to have a coffee exactly when we feel like it. So this coffee goes out for YOU 🙂 


2 Responses to “And this time it will really work…..”

  1. DoDo Says:

    so … you gone use this one? me happy!
    DoDo … with a new blog …soon.

  2. marinutza Says:

    yup. me gonna use it 🙂 THIS one….hug

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